Jerin’s 40kg Weight Loss Result

Last year, Jerin Lambkin lost 40kg using our Healthy Mummy weight loss plans and below is an update from Jerin on her weight loss 12 months on.

Jerin’s weight loss story on our weight loss plans also featured in Practical Parenting magazine where she featured as in inspirational editorial story – she is now famous!!)

Well done Jerin on an incredible weight loss result and for being such an inspiration to other mums.

Jerrin 40kgs


Jerin’s pregnancy weight loss Q&A

Q. How much did you lose in total on our Plans?

My total weight loss was 40kg

Jerrin 40kgs


Q. What did you find most useful on the Plans?

Most useful is that the Healthy Mummy Smoothies are so easy and you can experiment with different fruits. I also love the motivational Emails

Q. Did the plans change how you and your family eat food and exercise?

Change to eating + exercise= my family has been gaining mote knowledge and experiences with new food, including that healthy food can be yummy! My positive attitude towards exercise has inspired my family to become more conscious of healthy eating and exercise habits.

Q. Have you managed to keep the weight loss?

Have you kept it off= yes I have. My weight can fluctuate with hormonal influences

Q. Would you and have you recommended the plans to your friends?

Recommend the plan – YES! I have recommended the plan to several people

Q. Any tips you would like to give to other mums wanting to lose their pregnancy weight?

Tips= keep a food and exercise diary, write everything including your feelings towards both food and exercise.

Motivate yourself as much as possible- buy exercise magazines- set up non food reward systems etc.

Always believe in yourself.

Jerin & our plans in Practical Parenting

Jerrin 40kgs Jerrin 40kgs

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