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Kristen Loses 14kg

I had my 2nd little girl in July. Before I was pregnant I was 60kg. When I had her I was 94kg!

After around 5 weeks after the birth, I was down to about 82kg. This is where I was when I found The Healthy Mummy Smoothies in September 2012

I really liked that it was safe in breast-feeding and had so much support online.

I made the decision to buy the Healthy Mummy Smoothies, and had them for breakfast and lunch most weekdays, then have a healthy meal for dinner.



But I wasn’t perfect. I was only going for an occasional walk and was still eating too big portions for dinner  I was also having a lot of takeaway on weekends.

I lost about 4 kilos very quickly after starting the smoothies, but then got stuck at about 78kg.

But I noticed other positives, such as my skin looking clearer, and my milk supply increasing.

I am still breastfeeding now (my daughter is 9 months old) without having to supplement with formula feeds as I did with my first daughter.

Then In about October 2012 I decided I needed to start getting active, and hired a personal trainer along with a couple of friends who also had babies.

We were able to bring the bubs to our training sessions which really helped me to stick to it. I also began playing netball again once a week.

During this time I continued to have the healthy mummy smoothies for breakfast and lunch most weekdays

I could feel myself getting fitter and stronger.

I slowly lost another three kilos and was down to 75kg by Christmas 2012.

In mid-January 2013, after getting back from a two week holiday at the coast where I just ate and did no exercise, I decided enough was enough and I needed to focus on losing the rest of the weight.

I started back at personal training and netball, and got back on the healthy mummy smoothies.

I purchased the 28-Day Diet and Exercise Plan, and while I didn’t follow it religiously, I did use the recipes to plan my meals.

I cut down on the quantity of food I was eating at night, and started making healthier versions of all our favourite meals – I also get great inspiration from your blog recipes – and my husband and I are both really enjoying these meals.

Since getting back from our coast trip I have lost a further 7.2kg and am now down to 67.8kg!

All up I have lost 14.2kg on the program. I have also lost more than 36cms of fat from my body.

My first goal is to reach 65kg, so I am almost there.

I’m feeling fantastic, fit and healthy, and am even fitting back into my size 10 jeans!!! And I am so motivated to lose the last few kilos!

Thank you so much for your weight loss programs and support!

– Kristen Perkins

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