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Laura Loses 18kg

‘All of my life, weight loss has always been tough and I have struggled in maintaining a stable weigh for as long as I can remembert, and always seem to go  up and down on the scales

Whist I was pregnant with my little boy I put on a huge 23 kilos. After the birth I weighed 83 kilos. Nearly 7 weeks later I weighed 77 kilos (picture on the left).

With the help of the Healthy Mummy Smoothies and lots of daily walks as recommended in the Healthy Mummy plans I managed to lose 18kg in 8 months, which took the scales down to 59kg (pic on the right).

Laura Loses 18kg

I am now pregnant with my second little bub, with only 6 weeks to go.

I have gained a bit of pregnancy weight but I know with the guidelines of the 28 Day Plan along with the Healthy Mummy Smoothies, I will be able to lose this weight again!’

– Laura Wannberg

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