‘Lazy parenting’ is the new trend – and it can actually be good for kids

‘Lazy parenting’ is now in! But some experts say it can actually be a really beneficial for your children.

In fact, lazy parenting is a trend that can be defined as a passive approach and the contrast opposite to ‘helicopter parenting’.

You basically allow your children to play independently with the risk of injury, without hovering over them.

‘Lazy parenting’ is the new parenting trend

Lazy parenting is the new trend – and it can actually be good for kids

Free play is important, it helps kids learn how to deal with boredom and also helps boost their brain function.

This type of parenting may also help boost your little one’s confidence as they learn to do things for themselves and take responsibility for their own actions.

When it comes to homework, the accountability is on the child to manage themselves and their own time – something they will have to eventually do once they fly the nest.

“Lazy-style parenting is a concept that allows parents to be present for children without hovering,” states Best Case Parenting.

“Rather than holding their hand through every minute of their lives, you allow your children to make their own decisions and intervene when they need assistance.

“Lazy-style parenting allows children to create their own identity, gain confidence, and learn problem-solving skills.”

Lazy parenting is the new trend – and it can actually be good for kids


  • You can get things done in the house as your child can play independently
  • Your child will gain confidence as they learn to do things on their own
  • You may be helping their creativity as they learn how to express themselves


  • There’s a greater risk of injury
  • You may be considered irresponsible by other parents in the playground
  • Clingy kids may take longer to get the hang of this parenting technique

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all parenting technique, so do whatever you feel comfortable with if you want to be a ‘lazy parent’.

Lazy parenting is the new trend – and it can actually be good for kids

It’s good to note that ‘lazy parenting’ isn’t the same as neglect. You do set boundaries and are there to supervise and teach them things, you just let them find their own way.

What parenting style do you have?

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