Linda’s 40kg Healthy Mummy Weight Loss

The amazing Linda Hallas is a very busy mum with 3 children who has lost 40kg by using our healthy mummy weight loss plans.
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The amazing Linda Hallas is a very busy mum with 3 children who has lost 40kg by using our healthy mummy weight loss plans.

Two years on, Linda Hallas shares her story and gives her advice on losing weight so that all the mums just starting on their weight loss journey can be inspired to lose weight in a healthy and safe way too

linda 40kg weight loss

‘Like all busy mums, I get caught up in life.

It is easy to get caught up with packing the lunch boxes, feeding 3 kids and dressing them. Some days I forget to brush my hair and eat breakfast myself.

I am a busy mum with three kids and since starting The Healthy Mummy plans two years ago my kids have grown a bit.

My youngest baby is now 2. My son is going on 5 in December, and is busy going to kindergarten every day. My eldest is 6 and off to school every day also.


In the craziness of kids and life we can forget about ourselves…

The Healthy Mummy has taught me many things over the last two years.

Some of these things I learned with ease and some of it took time, trial and error and picking myself up and doing it all over again.

Firstly I learned to take care of myself. Every day I eat breakfast. I rarely have time during the week to actually make myself something, so most days I have a Healthy Mummy Smoothie – I love them!

For the better part of my journey I have reached my goal. I’m not talking about the number on the scales, I am talking about what I truly set out to achieve.

I set out to be happy and healthy so I could enjoy my kids while they are still small.

I set out to be happy with myself and be able look into the mirror and recognise the person looking back at me and love that person.

I am a healthy weight, I am healthy and I finally found my balance between exercise and living that I enjoy and can achieve every day.

When people ask me how I do it I can think of many reasons and want to rant on all day about them because they have changed me, not just physically, but mentally. I really do believe they have saved my life.

There are three things I know The Healthy Mummy do and they do them better than anyone:

1) their delicious Healthy Mummy Smoothies – and if you want to ask me what flavour is the best one to buy, my answer to everyone is all of them. I drink them all.

I have two different flavours open at a time and not only do they keep me going but I can rely on them to keep me going.

They keep me full and I just love being able to do so many flavour combinations with them.

2) they have some of the best cook books ever! – I have a pile of books that live on my kitchen bench, they don’t make it to my shelf because I use them all the time.

The first one I ever bought was the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan.

When I feel myself drifting even just slightly off track I take great motivation in flicking through the pages of this book to remind myself what comes next.

Although most of it comes to me fairly naturally this book has always helped me understand so much about healthy living, healthy cooking and wellbeing.

3) they are always evolving. There are mums who just can’t do smoothies; or they need something their husbands or kids would eat; or ideas for a BBQ; or some guilt free treats.

Yes it is true I am one of those mums (like many of you) who just always wanted them to do something else to meet my needs – and every single time they heard us and delivered.

linda my weight

My ultimate favourite is their amazing motivating 28 day challenges (all details here – next one starts next week).

They offer a program that has evolved to be so unlike any other that it just makes doing and being this Healthy Mummy so easy and part of my life.

I thought a while ago perhaps I can just do it (and it is true, I can, and they taught me that) but the truth is they keep me motivated.

There are far too many upcoming challenges to participate in – and now with the kids cookbook out I can’t wait for my son to turn five.

It has the most amazing kids party food I have ever seen…

Never stop starting – I am a Healthy Mummy.’

Linda Hallas


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