Liquid baby names are all the craze right now

Baby name wizard, Laura Wattenberg wrote about this trend coming to light way back in 2012!

And the trend is starting to now come to light!

What exactly is a liquid baby name?

Something that rolls off the tongue and is EASY to say (goodbye Mireya and hello Elena).

Baby underwater

What does a liquid name entail?

Laura states that these qualities make a liquid name a liquid name.

She says, “I wanted to quantify this trend I’ve been seeing, so I had to define criteria for a liquid name.”

  1. Requires three or more syllables.
  2. There should be fewer consonant sounds than syllables.
  3. Restriction on the specific consonants is permitted. Example-contstants like N, Y and H are allowed since they can be made with an open mouth (unlike m or sh), without involvement of lips or teeth (unlike f or s), and without hard throat sounds (unlike g or kh).

Laura lists the liquid name examples that were most popular for American girls 50 years ago. Babyology also lists some boy liquid names too!


  1. Leona
  2. Elena
  3. Aaliyah
  4. Eleanor
  5. Ariana
  6. Nuala
  7. Liliana
  8. Hilary
  9. Aria
  10. Elena
  11. Liria
  12. Orelie
  13. Aurora
  14. Alana
  15. Ariel
  16. Lillian
  17. Liana
  18. Lilyana
  19. Anaya


  1. Helio
  2. Elior
  3. Elian
  4. Orion
  5. Halian
  6. Ellery
  7. Halloran
  8. Helier
  9. Ennio
  10. Halian
  11. Lionel

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