Married At First Sight’s Zoe Hendrix Discusses Her Concerns About Having Her Dogs Around Her Baby

Married At First Sight’s Zoe Hendrix has opened up about her anxieties over her pet dogs being around her three-month-old baby Harper Rose. 

Two dogs and a baby

The reality star and her partner Alex Garner have two bulldogs called Maddie and Winnie, and the new mum revealed that each pooch has behaved differently towards having a baby in the house.

“Our dogs have always been important members of our family and we are so relieved that Maddie is so gentle and can be around our baby,” Zoe wrote.

“[Winnie] is just unpredictable and gets jumpy and gets too aggressive around her. It’s not ideal but it’s not a risk we can take. Hoping he may get better in time.”

Expert Pet Advice

Experts recommend that new parents take their pets to see a vet or an animal behaviour specialist if they tend to get excited or aggressive easily.

It’s also advised that pet owners discourage their animals from jumping up on the baby’s cot and changing table and keep them out of the nursery.

While some animals may be calm in nature, it’s still suggested that you supervise when your pet is near your baby.

Maintaining a regular routine may also help your animal to adjust to the changes, and rewarding positive behaviour, like them sitting quietly near your newborn, is also recommended.

Zoe Hendrix urges mums to always follow their instincts when it comes their bubs!