Body Confidence Advocate Fiona Falkiner talks pregnancy, IVF and becoming a mum

Fiona Falkiner is a model, TV presenter and former reality star and is currently 38 weeks pregnant with a baby boy, following an emotional IVF battle.

Healthy Mummy founder Rhian Allen recently did a huge meal prep for Fiona filling her freezer with 57 meals for just $135! She sat down for a chat with her to talk about pregnancy, her road to motherhood and staying body confident.


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Fiona Falkiner admits she’s already planning her second baby!

While speaking with Rhian, Fiona, 38, admits she’s taking it easy in the last stages of pregnancy.

I’ve slowed right down. [The baby] has dropped quite low. He’s ready to come! I’m trying to take it nice and easy,” she says. “But we’re having some renovations at the minute, so I don’t want him to come too early!”


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Two years ago, Fiona met and fell in love with journalist Hayley Willis, who proposed to her after eight months of dating in April 2019.

After having, what the couple have publicly described as ‘traumatic’ IVF battle, Fiona joyfully fell pregnant after four rounds of IVF and the pair are set to tie the knot in October this year.


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In fact, the couple admit they are keen to have another baby straight after their wedding in October, with Hayley carrying the second child – and they already have names picked out!

We have a name for this current baby but we’re not telling anyone,” she tells Rhian. “When we were on our third date, Hayley and I were talking about babies and names.

“I have a name that I’ve loved since I was quite young and Hayley has a name for our second baby. Hayley is going to start IVF after our wedding in October.”


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Fiona opens up about her IVF journey

Fiona and Hayley have been very open about their battle to becoming mums and their tough IVF experience, but the stunning star says she tried to focus on the end goal throughout the whole process.

It was so worth it in the end. It really was so tough,” she tells Rhian. “Hayley and I created a podcast called What The IVF? to share our experience because I felt so alone going through it. It was so beneficial to hear other people’s experience.”


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Fiona on staying body positive

Fiona first hit our TV screens on an Australian reality weight loss program in 2006, losing a whopping 30kg but almost put it all back on after she came into the limelight, due to emotional eating and anxiety related insomnia.

Since then, the gorgeous reality personality has reached a healthy weight, becoming a body confidence advocate and social media influencer.


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Importantly, Fiona admits that she’s remained body positive despite all the changes her body has gone though with IVF and pregnancy.

“I thought I’d be fit and healthy during pregnancy but I wasn’t able to train like I used to while I was going through IVF,” Fiona adds.

“However, when I fell pregnant I started doing some training again. Now I’m going for slow walks and swimming. It’s incredible to watch my body change in this way and watch my bump grow. It’s amazing, it really is a miracle.”

You look incredible, Fiona, and we can’t wait to hear about your baby’s arrival!

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