Mel Has Lost 25kg

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Hi Healthy Mummy, I have now lost a total of 25.9kg since having my daughter and since 30 December 2013 I have lost 11.5kg and 122.5cm across 8 measurements from using the weight loss plans from the healthy mummy range

Mel Has Lost 25kg


My highlights of the last 12 weeks have been having people start noticing I’ve lost weight, feeling more in control of the food I eat, feeling fitter and healthier and also being asked to be a Motivating Mum. I had secretly wanted to be one of these ‘before and after’ ladies since I first discovered these weight loss plans as seeing all the fantastic weight loss transformations I wanted to be able to get my own results too

 Although I still have a fair way to go, I look forward to showing my tranformation and hoping to inspire other mums who have started out like me.

Mel Has Lost 25kg

I am now less than my pre pregnancy weight and looking forward to venturing into the weight loss zone that I failed to get into on my own prior to falling pregnant.

The  weight loss recipes, weight loss plans and healthy mummy smoothies have really helped me to lose weight along with the support of the facebook page, other motivating mums, the staff at my gym, having some other mummy friends join up to the gym so I now have gym buddies and of course the support of my hubby, parents and my family and friends 🙂

Have a great week mummies x

Mel Briggs


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