6 AMAZING reasons to use modern cloth nappies

Midwife, Lactation consultant (IBCLC), Child and Family Health Nurse, baby wearing consultant and mum-of-two, Bel Moore, explains the benefits of using cloth nappies.

Modern cloth nappies are washable, reusable nappies made from fabrics with water absorbing or repelling fabrics such as hemp and bamboo.

They’re shaped just like a disposable, fasten with either velcro or press studs around the waist and have elastic in the leg areas to keep messes contained.

baby cloth nappies

6 AMAZING reasons to use modern cloth nappies

1. Save money

Newborn babies use about 5-8 nappies a day, meaning a pack of disposable nappies will only last you a week if that. On average you will spend about $25 per week on disposables, so in one year you will be spending almost $1300 on nappies!

As the average child toilet trains between 2-3 years old, this means $2600-$3900 will be literally thrown in the bin over this time! You only need around 20 MCN’s per baby, which depending on brand can cost between $300 and $700 (or even cheaper second hand!) and if you look after them you may even use them on your subsequent children.

2. Easy to use

Modern cloth nappies come in a range of styles but they are basically the same shape as a normal disposable nappy with either velcro or press stud-closing top. No safety pins needed!

They can be ‘sized’ (newborn through to toddler) or one size fits most (OSFM) with the use of snaps. Some come all in one with absorbent layers included in the nappy or you can add in boosters.

Once a washing routine is established, they are easy to care for. Breastfed baby’s poo washes right off in the washing machine, and once a baby is on solids you can flick poo’s off into the toilet, use a sprayer or use disposable liners.

cloth nappies

3. Better for the environment

MCN’s are better for the environment. Disposables can take 200-300 years to decompose in landfill, with the average baby contributing 700kg of used nappies to landfill.

Some people argue that the extra water and electricity used to wash cloth nappies increases its environmental impact but this is considerably less than what is used in the making of disposables.

4. Better for babies

Cloth nappies reduce exposure to over 50 chemicals used in the manufacturing of disposable nappies. It is also reported that cloth nappies also help prevent nappy rash and help infants toilet train younger.

5. Super cute prints 

They come in a variety of cute and funky colour and designs. You can even get custom designed ones!

Midwife shares 6 AMAZING reasons to use modern cloth nappies

6. Be part of a larger community

Join the supportive MCN Facebook communities who share tips, tricks and troubleshoot issues about all MCN’s and find likeminded parents to communicate and connect with. There are groups dedicated to certain brands and even development of washing routines to keep your nappies sparkling clean.

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