85% of mums don’t feel society supports motherhood, new survey sadly finds

Motherhood is changing and the expectations women face has evolved over the decades. Now women are expected to raise kids, keep their career, uphold a household and many do all this away from their friends and family.

In fact, 85 per cent of millennial mums in a recent survey say they don’t believe society does a good job at supporting mums.

85% of mum don’t feel society supports motherhood, new survey sadly finds

85% of mums don’t feel society supports motherhood

A survey by Motherly’s State of Motherhood found that many mums feel pressure to get back to work, or be intimate with their partner after they’ve had a baby.

Alarmingly, 31 per cent of mums revealed they had postpartum sex with their partner before they felt ready.

What’s more, 78 per cent of mums agreed there are career trade-offs when they became a mum. 70 per cent found their employers were supportive of them breastfeeding when they went back to work and almost a quarter believed that maternity leave from employers is the best way to support mums, as well as flexible schedules and remote work opportunities.

85% of mum don’t feel society supports motherhood, new survey sadly finds

More than half of mums in the survey said they had to downgrade their work hours since becoming a parent and 61 per cent of mums revealed they handle most of the household chores.

Only 68 per cent of mums admitted to feeling supported by their partner.

Women who feel unsupported revealed they tended to lead an unhealthier lifestyle

A study by The Healthy Mummy found that mums that say they feel unsupported found they tended to lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

Alarmingly, 41 per cent of mums revealed their biggest road block to taking the steps to lose weight was because they believe they don’t have any money and they have an unsupportive partner!

85% of mum don’t feel society supports motherhood, new survey sadly finds

Meanwhile, 12 per cent blamed sleep and 18 per cent claimed they didn’t have enough time, while 5 per cent admitted they dislike exercise and 11 per cent prefer eating junk food.

Of the 1,000+ mums we surveyed 33 per cent say they lost weight last year.

What’s more, 36 per cent of mums reveal they only do 1-2 hours of exercise a week with 36 per cent of them saying they have a lack of motivation and don’t get enough sleep.


If you’re feeling unsupported, get the support you need.

PANDA National Helpline – 1300 726 306

Beyond Blue 1300 224 636

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