Muesli Bar Hits And Misses – Which Ones Are REALLY Healthy?

We all have those weak days when it feels like nothing goes right. You slept in, the kids are being extra needy, and the options for lunch are looking pretty slim. For many mums, muesli bars act as a staple when you’re all out of the healthier lunch box options.

But not all muesli bars should be treated equally. Which bars come with the highest and lowest health scores?

muesli bars

Choice has reviewed the muesli and cereal bars available in most Australian supermarkets based on their energy per serve, wholegrains per serve and their health star rating. another delicious muesli bar recipe!

Here’s what they discovered:

Muesli Bars That Make The Grade

Out of the 200 muesli bars on the market, Choice suggests the following brands for lunch box treats, all of which are nut-free (for schools with nut-free policies), come with a health star rating of 4 or more and meet their criteria for energy and wholegrains per serve.

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Goodness Superfoods

  • Better for U Cereal Bars Wild Berries & Yoghurt

Freedom Foods

  • Apples and Cinnamon Crunchola Chewy
  • Apricot, Coconut and Chia Crunchola Chewy
  • Choc Chip Crunchola Chewy

Uncle Toby’s 

  • Apricot Wholegrain Lunchbox Bars
  • Choc Chip Wholegrain Lunchbox Bars
  • Farmer’s Pick Fig & Apricot
  • Forest Fruits Wholegrain Lunchbox Bars
  • White Choc Chip Wholegrain Lunchbox Bars
  • Yoghurt Wholegrain Lunchbox Bars Range
  • White Choc Chip Wholegrain Lunchbox Bars
  • Yoghurt & Apricot Wholegrain Lunchbox Bars
  • Yoghurt & Honeycomb Wholegrain Lunchbox Bars
  • Yoghurt & Raspberry Wholegrain Lunchbox Bars
  • Yoghurt & Strawberry Wholegrain Lunchbox Bars
  • Yoghurt Mango & Passionfruit Wholegrain Lunchbox Bars

However, Choice reveals: “Bear in mind that many of these products are still relatively high in sugars – both added, and from dried fruit that can stick to teeth – and can contribute to tooth decay.

“Fresh fruit together with a serve of wholegrain crackers such as corn thins would make a healthier lunchbox snack.” another delicious muesli bar recipe!

Raw Gluten Free Blueberry/Granola Bars, 100% organic
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Gluten Free Bars

While the below bars don’t meet Choice’s wholegrain criteria – the following did receive 4 or more stars and therefore Choice says they are worth considering for schoolkids who need gluten-free options. another delicious muesli bar recipe!

Freedom Foods

  • Crafted Blends with Superfoods Pepitas, Spinach & Chickpeas

Soma Bite

  • Apple and Superseed

Food For Health

  • Cranberry, Apple & Amaranth Bars

Freedom Foods

  • Ancient Grains Muesli Bar Cranberries, Apple & Grains
  • Crafted Blends with Superfoods Cranberries, Pomegranate & Goji Berries

Golden Days

  • Seed Bar with Quinoa Range
  • Seed Bar with Quinoa Cranberry


  • Free & Naked Lamington Bars
  • Free & Naked Banana Cake Bars
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Muesli Bars Best Left On The Shelf

As you can expect, the muesli bars with the highest sugar, the lowest nutritional value and the worst health ratings are the ones that are marketed towards children. another delicious muesli bar recipe!

These include:


  • Kellogg’s LCM Bars
  • Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Bars


  • Oven Baked Mini Meal Choc Chip


  • Oat Slice Belgian Chocolate Brownie
  • Carman’s Oat Slice Cranberry & Blueberry

You can check out Choice’s muesli bar review here.

We Suggest Making Your Own!

The best way to enjoy muesli bars without the excess sugar is to make your own. And you’ve come to the right place. Below are our favourite energy-boosting, extra-tasty muesli bar recipes for the whole family!

Dark Chocolate Milk Supply Boosting Muesli Bars


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