Mum Shares How She Boosted Her Milk Supply

Struggling to produce enough breastmilk for your bub? This mum says our delicious Healthy Mummy smoothies helped her produce more milk – and now her newborn is sleeping throughout the night! (Hurrah!)

Molly and Jaxon. Source: Supplied
Molly and her son Jaxon. Source: Supplied

Milk shortage

Molly Smark, who is based in Alice Springs, says she wasn’t producing enough milk after she gave birth to her son Jaxon, five weeks ago. But thanks to The Healthy Mummy smoothies, everything has turned around for her.

In the beginning, my supply was all over the place and I was finding I didn’t have enough milk in the afternoons, which was when he wanted to cluster feed,” she exclusively tells us.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, my son was waking two to three times a night in the beginning.”

Jaxon wasn't sleeping throughout the night. Source: Supplied
Jaxon wasn’t sleeping throughout the night. Source: Supplied

That’s when Molly started introducing our delicious smoothies into her diet.

I got the vanilla flavour because it goes well with just about anything,” she continues.

I started having the smoothies for lunch and breakfast and within a few days my supply has been more then enough.

In fact, I’m having so much that I’m nearly having to express before bed!”

Mum credits The Healthy Mummy smoothies for helping her produce more milk
Molly and Jaxon. Source: Supplied

Sound asleep

And to top it all off, Molly says her surplus supply is helping her little one sleep throughout the night!

Within the last week or more, Jaxon is now waking once sometimes twice or I’m having to wake him for a feed,” she adds.

I’m having a smoothie at least once everyday, as it’s a quick and my supply has been great, I am able to express 120ml sometimes more first thing in the morning just from one breast!

Jaxon is now sleeping throughout the night. Source: Supplied
Jaxon is now sleeping throughout the night. Source: Supplied

That’s great to hear, Molly!

How The Healthy Mummy smoothies can help boost your milk supply

Milk Supply Boosting Smoothie

The Healthy Mummy smoothie mix (which has been created to be breastfeeding friendly) contains lactation boosting herbs such as fenugreek and ginger.

To turn your smoothie into a serious milk boosting machine try adding cashews which contain calcium and iron – particularly important to consume whilst breastfeeding.

Sesame seeds are also noted as a galactogogue (lactation booster), as they are high in calcium and oestrogenic properties.

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Here are five top tips to help increase your milk supply.