Mum-of-five carried twins for her best friend, because she couldn’t

We all say we’d do ANYTHING for our best friend – but this this incredible woman went above and beyond to help make her bestie’s dream of having a family come true.

In fact, she actually offered to carry a baby for her best friend because she wasn’t able to conceive herself. How wonderful is that?!

friend carrying baby
Lianna with her bestie Nicole and her husband Kevin. Source: Supplied

The Ultimate BFF

When Nicole Barattini was 16 she was diagnosed with thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP), which is an autoimmune disease that can cause severe blood clots to form in the body.

This meant that when Nicole was ready to conceive children with her husband Kevin she was in a bit of a catch 22. The medication she was on could harm her baby, and if she stopped taking her medication, she could jeopardise her own health.

friends with the babies
Source: Supplied

That’s when her best friend Lianna Fives stepped in. Lianna was already a mum of five, and was more than happy to help her bestie out.

“We had heard stories that sisters carried and mothers carried [eggs for women who could not carry], but I don’t have a sister and my mother is over the age [to be able to be a carrier],” Nicole told Cosmopolitan.

“We just did it [froze my eggs] for precautionary reasons and hoped for the best.”

Nicole in hospital with Lianna before she was about to give birth. Source: Supplied

In June 2015, Lianna was implanted with two of Nicole and Kevin’s embryos, but sadly she miscarried. Then in July last year, Lianna became pregnant with twins.

Two Little Bundles Of Joy

On February 10 of this year, Lianna gave birth to twins Dominic and Luciana.

“What Lianna did for me was amazing,” says Nicole. “I can never thank her enough.”

“It’s never the end of the road. There are people out there like Liana that will do it out of kindness — and it’s easier to find them than it seems.”

Nicole's twins
Nicole and Kevin’s twins. Source: Supplied

We’re welling up here at Healthy Mummy HQ! What a fantastic story, talk about #FriendshipGoals!!!

Thanks so much for giving us permission to share your story, Lianna!

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