Mum loses 29kg after struggling to fit in a rollercoaster ride seat

This mum says an embarrassing encounter on a rollercoaster ride at Dream World spurred her into losing weight.

Elyse, who lost 29kg through The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, says she weighed 98kg when she went on a family trip to Queensland in 2014.

Before and after Elyuse

Mum loses 29kg after struggling to fit in a rollercoaster ride seat

“I didn’t realise just how big I had become until we went to Dream World and I wasn’t able to fit into a ride on a rollercoaster, I had to squeeze myself on. The staff had to lock me into the seat, because I was too big to put the seatbelt across me. I was so embarrassed but managed to smile and enjoy the ride,” she says.

“My partner had taken pics of our day at the park, and when I saw them afterwards I broke down into tears, I knew I needed to make a change.”

Dream World ride
The picture of Elyse in Dream World.

Elyse says she lived an unhealthy lifestyle, often eating sausage rolls and drinking Red Bulls for breakfast.

Making a change

But it wasn’t until her fourth child was born in April 2015, that she decided to turn things around and signed up to The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

“In September of that year, I joined up to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge in an attempt to turn my life around and lose the baby weight,” the mum-of-four says.

“The Challenge taught me so much about meal planning and food swapping and how many calories a day I should be eating.”

Elyse says she swapped sausage rolls for homemade salads and was from the Challenge recipe app, and instead of Red Bull she drinks water or The Healthy Mummy smoothies.

Elyse better

Losing 29kg and living a healthier way

The beautiful mum says she quickly lost 12kg, and in February 2016 she joined some of her local Healthy Mummies who had created a walking group.

“I was walking 10-15km every morning and I felt amazing,” she says. “I had gone from a size 16 to a size 12 in just 3 months!”

Elyse has now lost 29kg in total and has started to shift her focus from losing weight to toning herself up.

And when Elyse underwent a hysterectomy recently, she reveals she didn’t have to worry about what she was eating after she came out of the hospital, as she had meal prepped healthy meals -and had even brought some of the meals to hospital with her!

before and after Elyse

‘I fit on EVERY ride now’

What’s more, Elyse isn’t worried about not fitting in rides at theme parks anymore. While she’s not been back to Dream World, she has recently been to Wet and Wild.

“I walked around in my swimmers, with no shorts or sarong on, and I felt amazing! I went on EVERY ride I could go on, and I had so much fun!” she says.

“I love having my picture taken now. I’m so happy to be in all of the pictures.”

Elyse says her healthy lifestyle has rubbed off on her family too and she feels like she’s a stronger, happier person.

“I cannot thank The Healthy Mummy for all of the her and support it has given me,” she says.

“If it wasn’t for this amazing program, with the amazing motivation and short from others, I would never have lost the 29kg I did like I have.”

We’re so glad you’re enjoying life, Elyse. What an inspirational story.

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