“You have the power”: Mum who lost 32kg tells other mums to take the first step

If you’ve hit a wall and need some encouragement and motivation to get you back on track with your weight loss, look no further!

Sascha has lost an incredible 32kgs but what she has to say will inspire you just as much as this picture! Check out her INCREDIBLE story below…

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“You have the power”: Mum who lost 32kg tells other mums to take the first step

Sascha says, “I am not posting this because my days are perfect and I have it all figured out. I am posting this yes because I’m proud (it’s the first time I’ve taken my after pics like I mean it) but most of all I want to inspire. 

“To show what happens when you push through those bad weeks, days, months and just KEEP GOING. That you CAN do it.

“Be proud of who you are right now, because you already have the power, you just might not be ready to use it just yet.

“You can take baby steps or tackle this head on. But only you can take that first step! “

sascha farley
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“I still go on food rampages and weeks without exercise but The Healthy Mummy has made it easy to stay on track even when I might not have it all together.

“The thinking is done for me, I don’t have to question my portion sizes, my recipes or anything!! I just buy, cook, repeat.”

“32kgs* down baby and easily maintaining this lifestyle!! My first step started with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

“I wanted to lose weight yes, but there is SO much more to it than that- being healthy, having variety, feeling energetic.”

Sascha, you are a stunner! Congratulations with everything and thank you for your inspiring words!

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