Mum maintains her 25kg* weight loss despite suffering from FOUR autoimmune diseases

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Tegan suffers from four autoimmune diseases and has to take regular medication for them. Whilst it’s necessary for her wellbeing and can be a great help, one side effect is weight gain.

tegan before and after
Tegan before and after. Source: supplied

Mum maintains her 25kg* weight loss despite suffering from FOUR autoimmune diseases

But Tegan has learned that it is possible to be on medication and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

She has maintained an impressive 25kgs* weight loss and her conditions are improving for the first time in years! Check out her story below!

Tegan’s story

I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Sjogren’s Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which are autoimmune diseases.

I have been on medications that help me have a normal life, but they come at a cost- some increase hunger and weight gain which can be slow or quite rapid. In 15 years, I have gained 35kg and in 1 year I have lost 25kg* and maintained that loss.

After years on many different medications I just accepted that with my medication that I would gain weight and after 15 years of taking medication and gaining weight I just thought that it was a small price to pay for feeling better.

But that’s should not because it is possible to be on medication and still keep the weight off.

tegan after
Tegan at 68kgs*. Source: supplied

I struggled for years to find the balance but I unable to keep the weight at bay and slowly I got bigger and bigger.

I tried everything from fad diets and shakes but nothing kept the weight off. The Healthy Mummy program helped me to realise that I needed to fuel my body with healthy food and exercise.

The weight started to shift, my pants got looser and the scales moved.

I was amazed – not only did the weight fall away, but it stayed off and best of all I was feeling better and my conditions have improved for the first time in years.

I kept on tracked, I watch want I was eating and I made the effort to exercise as much or as little as I could based on how my body was feeling. If you want it anything is possible you just need to find it!

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