Mum makes 38 meals spending LESS THAN 2 hours in the kitchen!

Meal prep ambassador, Sascha Farley has meal prepped a huge amount of meals (38!) and only spend less than 2 hours in the kitchen!

“This week I managed to keep my food shop just under $80 and with that I whipped up 38 finished main meals in under 2 hours!” Sascha said.

How you ask? Keep scrolling!

sash with the food

Sascha uses the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app to budget!

Sasha also used the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge to lose over 30kg!


She uses it to search for ingredients that she already has on hand and uses the filters to search for vegetarian meals so she can choose a few meat free options each week!

“The features on the app are the key to my success, they keep things easily at my fingertips, if something isn’t simple we are less likely to stick to it. Having everything essentially done for me has been a game changer,” Sascha says.


Mum makes 38 meals in under 2 hours

Sascha says that 2 years ago, “I’d go grocery shopping a few times a week, spend upwards of $150 and food would always go to waste!”

She then found the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and have not only transformed her body and mind but also her organisation and budget skills when it comes to weekly food!

She now plans and preps and saves over $100 a week!

After this meal prep Sascha said she had left over ingredients and made extras recipes! “Just by using kitchen staples I can ALWAYS whip up snacks,” she says.

meal prep-3

Sascha’s amazing results


Sascha’s top 2 meal prep tips

  1. Multitasking, by keeping it simple this is achievable. Using like ingredients and doubling dinner for lunch the next day!
  2. I customise my meal plans to suit time frame and budget, I ensure I’m using different cooking methods so everything can be going at once!


See what Sascha made below with some sneak peak recipes from August 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

What Sascha made

Easy Fried Rice x 9

This is a 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe.

Tuna Veg Bake x 8

This is a 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe.

One Pot Spaghetti Bolognese x 7

Find this recipe here.

Asian Chicken with Green Beans x 4

This is a sneak peak at the August Energy Boosting Challenge.

Energy Packed Frittata x 6

This is a sneak peak at the August Energy Boosting Challenge.

Pizza x 4

Try this pizza dough recipe here.

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