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Mum-of-3 shares her top 4 tips on how to NOT fall off the weight loss wagon

Finding time to focus on your own goals can be tricky, especially when you are a mum to three kids under 7 years old.

June Healthy Mummy Motivating Mum, Alicia, shares with us how she managed to lose the extra kilograms and NOT FALL off the wagon during her weight loss journey.

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This is Alicia’s story.

Here’s how to NOT fall off the wagon and see BIG results

I am a 35 year old mother to three (7 years, 3 1/2 years and 1 year).

My Healthy Mummy journey started after the birth of my second in August 2013 and I weighed 86kg.

I achieved my goal weight within a year and maintained my weight for another year before falling pregnant with my third. Fast forward to today, and I am 4kg away from hitting my goal weight again.

Throughout both of my weight loss crusades, I faced many tough circumstances and events – just as we all do. But, despite it all, I have managed to not fall off the weight loss wagon.

So, I wanted to share with you today how I have done this.

1.Set daily goals

I find making myself daily goals helps me keep focused on the smaller things which in turn reinforces my motivation. Some of these goals may include:

  • Aim to drink x litres of water a day
  • Bust out x squats
  • Bake a batch of x to store and freeze for the week.

These goals change day to day depending on what is happening in my life.

I find when I am feeling particularly overwhelmed – just having one goal to achieve is enough to ensure I don’t fall off the wagon. I don’t want to set too many goals. But I also don’t want to put too much pressure on myself. So long as I hit one daily goal.

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2.Take advantage of every opportunity to be active

I currently work 7 days a week and find in between my job, housework and tending to the kiddies, I don’t have a decent window of opportunity to exercise all in one go.

So some days I will just blast some music and bust out some squats and lunges while the kids dance!

Other days I will dash out the door for a 20 minute run when hubby is home.  Some days I will do my 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Exercises throughout the day.

Other days I will pop on my Healthy Mummy Exercise DVD.


Literally, you have to always seize the opportunity to be active and make it FUN!

3.Drink LOTS of water

Water. water. Water.

I find if I can tick this off my daily list it is a really good motivator and helps keep my body working better and less bloated.

4.Forgive yourself when you slip up

When I do choose poorer food choices, I recognise it, accept it, and move on.  I don’t beat myself up about it or punish myself with exercise. I want exercise to be a POSITIVE thing in my life that I enjoy.

I hope these tips have given you ideas to stay on track. Be kind to yourself but also push yourself when you need to! YOU CAN DO THIS!

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