Mum spots cheeky detail in kids story book

A mum of 3 from the UK, spotted a a very cheeky image in a super popular children’s book The Smartest Giant in Town – written by Julia Donaldson

Stacey Brown noticed the cheeky detail when she was reading the tory to her children

“Trying to muffle the giggles as I read on”, she said when she shared her post in a Facebook group

The image of a giant’s foot, covered only by a sock, caught her attention when she realised it looked very similar to something else.

Thousands of others agreed that the picture looked just like something cheeky, and the post went viral.

She joked that the kids’ book could really be “the dirtiest giant in town”.

Commenters thought the post was totally hilarious.

“Omg!!!! Penis Foot!!! I used to read this book to my kids”, said one stunned commenter.

Another said that the x-rated observation had forever changed how they would see the book.

“I can never unsee this! It’s my son’s favourite Julia Donaldson book as well”, they wrote.

“And that’s how giants are made…”, one woman joked.

Another commenter said that she’d noticed it before.

We hope this makes you smile today 🙂

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