Mum swaps chocolate milkshakes for smoothies and loses 40kg!

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We’re beyond impressed with this mum’s impressive snaps of her daily smoothies creations using mixes from The Healthy Mummy Smoothie range.

How YUMMY do they look?!

Chloe 2 new

Chloe Cox, who is a member of our Healthy Mummy community, loves getting creative when she makes her daily delicious Healthy Mummy Smoothies.

“I have been having between one and two smoothies a day for the last 16 months,” she says.

How Chloe lost 40kg and became a smoothie lover!

Chloe says The Healthy Mummy Smoothies initially helped her lost an incredible 40kgs.

Chloe Cox_Before and After_Final

Chloe reveals that she used to crave chocolate milk every day and would also skip meals.

“Chocolate milk was my biggest downfall,” she says.“I would also skip meals because I would always feel so busy.”


After her first baby, Chloe suffered from postnatal depression and the weight crept on.

She says: “Two weeks postpartum, with an 18-month-old, I weighed 117kgs.* 

“I was so tired, lethargic and unhappy all the time and almost felt numb and it needed to change. I needed to do something for me, but be beneficial for the whole family.”

chloe cox transformation

Chloe says a ‘beautiful friend’ added her to The Healthy Mummy Facebook page late one night, and she purchased a Healthy Mummy Smoothie tub instantly.

Swapping milkshakes for smoothies

Chloe says: “I love that I can have a decadent, chocolate smoothie that resembles a McDonald’s thick shake and it’s good for me.

“The smoothies are the perfect way to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings without diving for anything nasty!”


Chloe quickly fell in love with The Healthy Mummy Smoothies. And so, she was tempted to join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge to accelerate her weight loss further and improve her health, all while making meals – which she believed – her entire family would enjoy.

Recently, Chloe announced she was pregnant with baby number three (congrats again lovely). Chloe says so far, this is her healthiest pregnancy yet, and truly believes it is because of her nutrition, vitamin intake and fitness as a result of The Healthy Mummy.

chloe in pink pregnant

Chloe has now swapped her Healthy Mummy Smoothies for Healthy Mummy Pregnancy Smoothies, and often jazzes them up with peanut butter and her own healthy chocolate sauce or ‘sprinkles’.

Smoothies new

“Less is more! You don’t need a thousand ingredients to make an incredible smoothie,” she says.

Wow, these smoothies look so yummy! We’re glad you can still get your chocolate hit but the healthy way, Chloe!

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