Mums spend this amount of time each day worrying about these things!

Looking after your little one is stressful work, and any parent has a natural tendency to worry about their kids.

According to researchers, there are a few of the same things mums and dads worry about each day.

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Parents spend 40 minutes a day worrying about these things

A recent study conducted BPMe app discovered that most parents experience stressful situations, on average, six times a day.

2,000 parents were surveyed as part of the study and they asked about what causes them to feel anxious.

Experts found that the things which caused mums and dads to worry were: their children becoming ill, bedtime battles, making sure their kids are eating a healthy balanced diet, making sure they aren’t spending too much time watching the T.V. or on their electronic devices.

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The most demanding behaviours came from five-year-olds

46% of parents said their children were the cause of most stress while at home. 13% said they felt stressed at the shops, ten per cent said they felt anxious at restaurants.

It turns out, the most demanding behaviours came from five-year-olds.

What’s more, 75% of parents revealed it took them longer to do their daily tasks with their kids than if they were on their own – 12 extra minutes to leave the house, 14 minutes to shop and 11 minutes to walk to the shop.

Researchers added up all of these stresses to work out to be around 40 minutes a day.

If you’re feeling stressed or like you can’t cope, we advise you speak with your GP for guidance as soon as possible.

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