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This mum’s non scale victories prove weight loss isn’t just about numbers

Even though she’s lost over 21kgs, Rachel shows that weight loss isn’t just about the number on the scales but about how you feel. Just check out how different her wedding vow renewal dress looks on her now!

Rachel Conti
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This mum’s non scale victories prove weight loss isn’t just about numbers

Rachel says, “Still remaining at 78kg* which is fine!” 

“Clearing up this week I came across the dress that I wore for my vow renewal in April 2015.

“For me the dress signifies my lowest point…I had lost 6kg on my own but had plateaued at 99.8kg, I was so so low and I knew something needed to be done and in a healthy way as boy my urge to purge was creeping back in.”

“The photos from what was a beautiful ceremony and day especially as my folks were there for me turned to tears when I saw them as I HATED seeing myself!

“Then to this week…
  • Maintaining 78kg and eating healthily (but also other treats in moderation occasionally!)
  • Exercising mostly 6 days a week
  • Running 5km weekly and a Parkrun PB of 28.44
  • Running around and playing with boys without being conscious of my size
  • Starting to slowly appreciate and love my body and myself.”

“And of course found a fantastic group of like minded women who all have the same goals and truly are inspirational. So a big thank you to each and every one of you!”

You should be so proud of yourself Rachel, keep up your fantastic work!

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