Mums are RAVING about the New Healthy Mummy PUMPKIN SOUP!

Everyone in the Healthy Mummy Community has been patiently waiting to try the brand new recently launched Healthy Mummy Pumpkin Soup! And now they have and they can’t get enough of it! Here are just some of the comments!

Omg! Perfect timing for winter!”

“Wow!! I’ve just found my new favourite 3pm snack!!”

“It is absolutely delish – very tasty and creamy”

“The flavour is insane! A must-have!”

Low Calorie Meal Replacement for Busy Mums!

This warming and yummy meal replacement soup is perfect for anyone who is watching their weight and wants a meal that is packed with nutrition without spending hours slaving over a hot stove. It’s super filling but low in calories – one cup or bowl of soup is just 204 calories! It’s so convenient as it takes no time to prepare, and just like a Healthy Mummy Smoothie, is a great meal to have on the go as part of The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Full of Superfoods, Fibre & Protein

This soup packs a nutritional punch! Not only is it a great source of fibre and protein, which means that it will keep you fuller for longer, it also contains SUPERFOODS!!! Yes really! This soup contains Collagen, which is so good for our skin, nails and hair. Plus Turmeric, a known powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It has 25 vitamins and minerals so you can rest assured you’re getting a super nutritious meal. For more soup recipes try this delicious minestrone soup recipe!

Hear what Real Mums are saying about it!

Lauren Kolstad says perfect for mum life!”

Lauren says “What an awesome new product from Healthy Mummy. It’s perfect for mum life on those cold days rushing around after the kiddies – super easy to have in seconds at home, or pop in a thermos for an on the run snack. I love that it has 20g of protein per serve because it fills me up until I’m ready for my next meal”

Cat Christ says, Omg! Perfect timing for winter!”

Cat says “I’ve been consciously making an effort to drink more water and less coffee but it’s been a little tougher since the cooler months have begun and this non tea drinker has been looking for a warming drink!

“I love that I can incorporate this delicious soup that actually tastes like a creamy pumpkin soup as a snack (it’s only 204cals!!) or alongside an open grill or toastie to make a warm lunch.”

Cassie McKay saysWow!! I’ve just found my new favourite 3pm snack!!”

Cassie says “With the weather cooling down, I’m constantly looking for warming and comforting food and this hits the spot! Smooth and very creamy, its just 204 cals per serve but very filling!

Catherine Farley says, “It is absolutely delish – very tasty and creamy – and there’s also a scoop in the tub!”

Catherine says “Lunch is served!  What perfect timing! My tub of Healthy Mummy Pumpkin Soup arrived an hour ago while I was scratching my head on what to have for lunch so that was then a no brainer!”

“It is absolutely delish – very tasty and creamy – and there’s also a scoop in the tub!  I added a slice of gluten free toast with it tool!”

Michelle Knight says, As a convenience meal would I recommend it? Absolutely!”

Michelle says “Super excited to try the new Healthy Mummy Pumpkin Soup. What can I say……It’s creamy. Lots of flavour. The smell is Divine. I can taste so many of the ingredients and nothing needed to be added. It’s right up there with homemade but in next to no time.” I highly suggest also trying our Thai pumpkin soup recipe ! 

Amy Atkinson says, This soup is full of flavour and takes no time at all to prepare”

Amy says “I love that I can now have pumpkin soup without having to actually cook it! This soup is full of flavour and takes no time at all to prepare”

“Hint: if you’re like me and like to have something to dip in your soup and have a bit of time up your sleeve, make some 2 Ingredient Pizza Dough into some naan bread to go with it. Perfection!”

Sascha Farley says I am blown away!!!”

What a delicious high protein meal or snack that’s ready in under 2 minutes! The flavour is insane! A must-have!”

Are you ready to try it for yourself! Make it part of your routine!

Click here to get yourself a Tub of Meal Replacement Pumpkin Soup TODAY!!!!


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