The RAREST Birth Ever – Incredible Natural C-Section With Baby Born En Caul

When we wrote about a baby being born en caul (fully encased in the amniotic sac), we didn’t think we could top it. We were wrong.

✨ #BirthLooksLikeThis {WATCH} . Beautiful #EnCaul cesarean birth via @dogummelegi . It’s becoming clear in the past two years that our platform of {tribe de mama} needs to address that we are accepting and supporting all ways of birth, because yes! Interventions are essential in our world because there are some mamas and babies who need this support. On the other hand, we also need to address what we wish to ENCOURAGE: empowered, educated, unmedicated, vaginal births. Yes, we should all be accepted and supported in our decisions, yet what is even beyond that is supporting a holistic and natural lifestyle – for the benefit of both mama and baby. Tribe de Mama aims to empower you to own your body, to learn about birth, to reclaim your power, to believe that you CAN, to believe that your body was meant to bring your baby earth side :: this is the kind of birth all women deserve. This kind of believing is what brings CHANGE in the world. And again.. This doesn’t mean we need no interventions – empowered birth can also mean getting an epidural / cesarean, but we must acknowledge that interventions have their own place and time. And when they are used at the right time there is absolutely no shame in it, then birth should be celebrated – equally to an unmedicated vaginal birth. It all comes down to our loving intentions and EDUCATION. All women deserve to know, to learn of, to understand what their bodies are capable of. ~ @dorideer . Share your birth videos/photos with us via DM or by using #BirthLooksLikeThis

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Not only is this newborn born via what’s called a natural c-section, it’s also born en caul. Extremely rare!

Natural C-Section

In a phenomenon dubbed as the natural c-sectionthe baby pushes it’s way out naturally with each contraction, through the caesarean cut. But this one isn’t like any other we’ve seen.

What Makes This Video So Special?

The AMAZING video, first shared on @tribedemama’s Instagram, shows the baby, still encased in the amniotic sac. Wriggling around and ready to break free into the world, you can actually see this one being born. It’s amazing to watch.

You can also see the placenta in the video. The amazing veiny purple blob that nourishes our baby while inside our bodies. You can really see how tough the sac is that holds our precious bundle.

Congratulations to the happy mama. Such a rarity, you’ll be blessed with an abundant life.

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