Need an afternoon pick me up?

It is around 3 o’clock and this is danger time when it comes to bastardising your healthy eating plan with dirty, sweet filled snacks. I know with myself I really need to plan my snacks otherwise I can really mess up my great healthy eating efforts of the morning and day.

This is why I am loving this recipe that I had this afternoon for a pick me up. And I needed it!!!!

The recipe is:

1 shot of coffee (decaf if need be)

2 tbs of the chocolate Healthy Mummy Mix

1 tbs of coconut

1 tsp of cocoa

200 ml of milk

And then you have a Mocha Coco Loco indulgent yet healthy afternoon snack which will keep you full until dinner time!!! Give it a go and let me know if you like it just as much as me.

Happy Afternoon Mummies

Mandy x

If you need some other suggestions for snacks have a look here and here.


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