New procedure giving renewed hope to women unable to conceive

A breakthrough new procedure is giving renewed hope to women who are unable to conceive.


New procedure giving renewed hope to women unable to conceive

It’s being described as the ‘biggest development in fertility since IVF’, Ovarian Rejuvenation Therapy May give infertile and menopausal women the chance to conceive using their own eggs.

Sunrise spoke to Dr David Knight from Demeter Fertility who said the procedure activates eggs in the ovaries that would usually not be touched to stimulate the growth of more eggs. The treatment includes the possibility to produce eggs after menopause.

The procedure has previously only been offered to patients with end-stage ovarian function problems.

Dr. Knight wants to see the procedure offered before people get to that stage.

“There are two types of eggs in the ovary,” Dr. Knight said. “Ones that sit there and something happens to them and they grow.”

“But not all the eggs that sit there become eggs that grow.”

“What they’re trying to do is find different ways for the eggs that just sit there (known as primordial eggs), they’re trying to get these eggs to activate and then turn into those eggs that grow into follicles and get released,” Dr. Knight said.

What is Ovarian rejuvenation therapy?

Ovarian Rejuvenation is a series of experimental procedures that may create new eggs or activate primordial eggs in the ovaries of women who are unable to conceive because of early menopause, low egg counts, advanced maternal age, or women who want to continue to have their ovaries produce eggs so that natural hormones are produced.

Who can this treatment benefit?

Menopausal women
Infertile women of all ages
Women with premature ovarian failure
Women with Primary Ovarian Insufficiency

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