The New Viral Craze Turning Breastfeeding Mums And Bubs Into Art

It’s the latest social media trend aimed at normalising breastfeeding – and it could well be one of the most beautiful. The #treeoflife campaign is turning breastfeeding selfies into intricate artwork showing the incredible link between mums and bubs.

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Brelfies have been a thing for a while – we even featured a bottle feeding selfie, but this latest trend has taken breastfeeding selfies to a whole new level.

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Tree of Life Breastfeeding Selfies

This latest social media craze has grown legs recently, with more than half a million images posted on Instagram with the #treeoflife hashtag. Mums are using app PicsArt to superimpose images of trees and their roots over their breastfeeding selfie.

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The images create a powerful visual of just how important this bond between mums and their babies is – and it’s empowered many women to share images they may otherwise kept private.

So here is my #treeoflife photo! I take my hat off to all women who breastfeed! You are amazing!! I know a lot of people who have struggled and are preserving with it, and are doing an amazing job! I however make no secret of the fact that both of my children have been bottle fed. With Jake it just wasn’t possible and I made the conscious decision with Charlotte not to, due to medication I take daily and just because it wasn’t right for me and you know what, that’s okay! I spent a lot of time feeling guilty but why!?and as much as I think mums that breastfeed are amazing so are mums that choose or have to switch to bottle! As parenting goes the most important thing is babies are fed! So I wanted to join in with the pictures in my own way! Breast or bottled fed babies with full tummies are best! #breakingthemould #speakingout #fedbabiesarebest

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What we love at The Healthy Mummy is that this movement has prompted mums who bottle feed to also take part, some using expressed breastmilk and other formula.

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How to make your own Tree of Life Brelfie

The viral trend has become so popular that the maker of the app has thrown its support behind the movement – with PicsArt creating a video tutorial so you can create your own version.

Here are the instructions, courtesy of PicsArt:

1.Download the PicsArt app.

2. Download our free Tree Of Life sticker pack.

3. Open the app and tap on Edit, then select your breastfeeding photo/brelfie.

4. On the bottom panel, tap on the Sticker icon, and choose a tree from the Tree Of Life pack.

5. Add the sticker on and adjust to your liking.

6. Rotate your image or sticker to your liking. You can also tap on the eraser button and erase parts that extend out too far.

7. Tap on Apply.

8. Then, go to Magic Effects and choose the effect you like. Rainbow, Flare, and Midnight are the most popular. You can also adjust the blending modes or opacity.

9. Tap on Apply then save to your device and share on PicsArt photo editor!

Have fun mums, and feel free to share your #treeoflife images with us on Facebook!


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