Kick 2016 To the Kerb With 7 New Year’s Eve Rituals

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I’m not alone in thinking that 2016 has been a particularly gruelling year and heavy year with a long list of celebrity deaths, suffering children and parts of the world in crisis. So with the arrival of New Year’s Eve and the beginning of 2017 only moments away, I’m sure you are with me in feeling relief and excitement.

As the year draws to an end, spare some time today preparing and planning for an improved year with these small rituals. Let’s cheers to 2017 being less taxing, more rewarding, less heavy and more happiness.

New year's even traditions

7 Rituals To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

1. Recap Your Year

At the end of the year when the exhaustion has set in, it’s all too easy to focus on the negatives of the year. So take a moment to recap your year, write a list of all the positives and the negatives.

Record your achievements, any goals that are not yet met. Once the year is in black and white before you may be surprised by just how great it has actually been.

2. Record Your Goals

While you’ve got your pen and paper ready, start a new list with any goals you wish to achieve in the new year. No matter how small or big, far-fetched or seemingly unreachable.

Put them all down in writing because once you visualise them you may just be able to make them happen.

3. Begin How You Wish To End

End this year and start the next exactly how you wish to spend the following year. Surround yourself with positive people, with love, family and happiness. No matter how hard the past year has been celebrate the ending with a smile, so the next year will be full of them.

4. Leave The Past Behind You

New Year’s Eve is always a time for new beginnings and positive changes. So anything that you do not want to take in to the New Year, fears, worries, grudges, self bashing, bad thoughts… it’s time to let them go.

If you are a visual creature, write them down and burn them. Write them in the sand and let the waves carry them away. Find a way to put them behind you.

kick 2016 to kerb

5. Gratitude Journal Or Jar

Begin a daily habit of writing down what you are grateful for. Whether it be in a journal or jar. No matter how dark a day is, there is always something that is worth being grateful for.

Have your family contribute also, with each accomplishment, joyous moment or win, write it down. When it comes to the end of the year you will feel all that gratitude tenfold when you go through each moment.

6. Reconciliation

Take the time to reconcile any outstanding arguments, break downs or grudges being held. Harbouring ill-feelings and bad thoughts in to the New Year will only hold you back. Reach out, apologise for your part, let go and move on.

7. Take A Family Photo

So often as mothers we are behind the camera. So tonight step out from behind the camera and have a family photo taken. Something to look back on throughout the year with a smile.

For those of you who are taking this moment to begin our challenges and are wanting to change your body, now is the time to record your before photo, something to compare back to!

When all is said and done, life is pretty amazing, even when it’s not so great. So be thankful for your life, your family. Find a way to thank the universe for all that you have been blessed with. It is an extraordinary universe after all!

Don’t forget to be safe with glow sticks tonight and keep your pets inside during the fireworks!

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