How to handle newborn visits and social distancing right now

Many new parents restrict the number of visitors calling once their baby is home from the hospital, but in the middle of the coronavirus crisis there’s a lot of extra anxiety involved.

Should friends and family be able to meet their little one or could they be putting them at risk?

Here’s how new mums and dads should handle the, often touchy, situation… How to handle newborn visits and social distancing right now

Newborn visits and social distancing during the coronavirus crisis

Before COVID-19 appeared, a lot of parents followed a ‘no vax, no visit’ rule in their child’s first few weeks of life. The vax referring to the whooping cough vaccination, which newborns don’t receive until their first set of jabs at six weeks old.

But now the whole country is on high alert about viruses and other germs, so how should parents handle it and how strict should they be?

In the middle of lockdown, when we were advised not to see anyone outside of our immediate families, grandparents would visit their grandchildren via the window at a safe distance.

But now some of these restrictions are lifting, more friends and family members may assume they are able to come see your new bundle of joy.

How to handle newborn visits and social distancing right now

How to manage visitors with your newborn:

1. Let everyone know your preferences

If you don’t feel comfortable with having visitors then you shouldn’t feel obliged. These are unprecedented times and many health care workers are still advocating that parents have no visitors until their child has had their first set of vaccinations.

This is because there’s so much still unknown about COVID-19 and many mums don’t want to risk important bonding time with their baby if they were to contract the virus. Mums with coronavirus may have to quarantine from their baby and use a face mask while breastfeeding.

Be firm if you don’t feel comfortable having any visitors in the first few weeks. There may be some disappointment from loved ones, but it’s for the health and safety of your child after all.

2. Have a virtual meet and greet

How to handle newborn visits and social distancing right now

Thankfully we live in an age where you can FaceTime with loved ones. Set virtual meet and greets with family members of friends.

3. Make sure visitors are feeling well

How to handle newborn visits and social distancing right now

If you are going to have visitors, then make sure your visitors are feeling well and that they sanitise their hands before handling your child. In some instances, you can have visitors but not let them hold the baby.

Set clear boundaries ahead of the visit.

4. Ask grandparents to self-isolate if you feel uncomfortable

How to handle newborn visits and social distancing right now

There’s no harm in asking grandparents or immediate family members to self-isolate for 2 weeks prior to visiting.

We’re sure they would be willing to do this if it means they get a chance to see your precious new baby.

5. Impose a ‘no kissing’ rule

Some parents are asking visitors to refrain from kissing their newborn if they want a cuddle to help prevent the risk of spreading germs.

6. Organise a ‘visit the baby party’

How to handle newborn visits and social distancing right now

To help manage disappointment for those who were keen to see baby, set up a future ‘meet the baby’ party. This way, loved ones will know you aren’t keen for visitors and leave you be in the first few weeks.

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