Nicole Has Lost 23kg

This month we continue to be motivated by the weight loss journey of Motivating Mum Nicole Daniels who has now lost 23kg on our plans using The Healthy Mummy range of products (28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan & Healthy Mummy Smoothies).

Nicole Has Lost 23kg

I Managed to fit in all my exercise but it was hard. I had one day were I was feeling a bit stressed but I went for a nice long walk and it helped clear my head.

I finally got some new trainers on the weekend yay! I love them they make sure a difference having proper shoes to work out in. They have motivated me that on the weekend instead of just going for a walk I did 20 min exercise each day. I will be differently be doing more exercise on the weekend.

I also got my copy of the new 28 day plan, it’s so gorgeous and all the pictures look amazing.

I’m looking forward to trying more of the recipes from the Spring & Summer Cookbook – which I love!.

I love having my healthy mummy smoothies for lunch I love the berry bang and the choc coconut surprise. I have my favs but love trying new ones and that is one of my goals for the month.

This week for dinner we had the Marinated lamb and grilled veggies from the 28 day plan as well as chicken and steamed veggies and super spaghetti Bolognese and one of our vegetarian meals for the week of frittata, quick easy and super healthy.

This week I lost 0.5g bringing my total to 23 kilos lost. I was hoping for a bit more but it’s a loss and closer to my goal weight.

Have a happy and healthy week Nicole Daniels xxx

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