Kids without siblings are NOT more selfish, new research finds

Children without siblings have long been thought of as spoiled or selfish.

But according to new research, kids without siblings are NOT more selfish. In fact, experts say they are exactly the same when it comes to sharing as kids with brothers and sisters!

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Kids without siblings are NOT more selfish, new research finds

Only children are not more selfish than those with brothers and sisters

How many times have you heard the phrase, ‘It’s because they’re an only child’, in reference to a kid without siblings not wanting to share their toys?

Experts from Shaanxi Normal University in Xi’an in China asked participants to complete a range of tasks related to altruism from the perspective of an only child, and from the position of someone with siblings.

Kids without siblings are NOT more selfish, new research finds

However, they found no difference in behaviour between those with brothers and sisters and those without.

“Specifically, only children are thought to be more narcissistic, depressive, and impulsive than non-only children; they have been described as ‘little emperors’.”

We need to change the negative stereotypes about only-children

Kids without siblings are NOT more selfish, new research finds

“The results of this study have some important implications,” concludes the notes on the research paper, published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science. 

“Only children are becoming more prevalent across many countries, following the overall decreasing fertility rate worldwide.

“The existence of negative stereotypes may make the stereotype more tenable in the views of others and even as a self-characterisation. Therefore, overcoming these stereotypes is of immediate interest.”

Children without siblings tend to be more successful

Interestingly, studies have found that only children tend to be more intelligent and have higher academic achievement than people with siblings!

Research has shown that only children did better academically and scored higher on IQ tests.

So whether you have one kid, two, three or twenty, not being able to share isn’t down to how many siblings you have it’s just part of being a kid! They all get there in the end.

Experts reckon the middle child is going extinct!

Second-born children are the more likely to be ‘troublemakers’, study finds

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