Did You Know You Can Have an Orgasm While Giving Birth?

Normally birth is associated with pain, stress, some excitement and a sterile hospital environment. This combination isn’t normally a huge turn on. Not for most people, anyway.

This video, and many others that we’ve been trawling through on YouTube, here at Healthy Mummy, show a very different story…

Did you know you can have an orgasm while giving birth?

Orgasm During Birth

Many women aim for a calming, relaxing experience when giving birth to their little ones and we’re pretty sure that an orgasm isn’t in most women’s birth plans.

The medical reasoning behind this fascinating phenomenon, according to livescience.com, is due to the intense stimulation of the vaginal canal.

What an incredible way to divert one’s attention from the potential pain and stress of childbirth! If only we could all experience this pleasure during labour.

Orgasmicbirth.com comments “I believe it is every woman’s human right to have a pleasurable birth. It all comes down to how you define it.”

Watch this video to see this mother’s orgasmic birth.

Video source: hypnobirthinggoldcoast.com.au

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