Six Reasons Why A Good Night Sleep Is Gone After Becoming A Parent

Sleep deprivation is a parent’s new reality. Mums (and dads) are forever destined for sleepless nights.

If you thought you would get your sleep back after your newborn sleeps through the night, think again!!
How To Get Your Kids To Sleep

Here are six reasons why a decent nights sleep is gone forever for parents. Sorry…

1. The Newborn

If you were lucky enough, you had some sleep in-between nurses presenting you with your baby to feed in your hospital bed for the first few nights of your precious bundle’s life. The next 3-6 months however – torture! You’ll have to wake up roughly every 3 hours to feed them.  Often just minutes after you finally drifted back to sleep, you’ll hear that little whimper which quickly turns into a cry.

2. Toddler

One day you have a brilliant idea to go to IKEA to buy your toddler a big girl/big boy bed. Next minute, you’re regretting all your life choices.  Firstly because of the 3 days it takes you to figure out which screw goes into which hole, and secondly because your devil mini-human can easily negotiate the 1-foot drop (as opposed to the high walls of their cot prison) and get out… again, and again, and again. Often they think your bed is better than theirs……. goodbye sleep.

3. Preschooler

“Mum, I’m thirsty! I need a glass of water.”  “Mum, there’s a monster under my bed.” “Mum, I had a bad dream”  Mum, I had a good dream.” “Mum, my teddy wasn’t next to my face.” “Mum, my tummy hurts” “Mum, teddy misses you and needs a cuddle.” “Mum, I’m scared of the spider I saw 17 weeks ago in a cafe once.” “Mum, I dropped my blankie”.   How can you refuse that middle of the night puppy dog face?

boy sleeping with teddy

4. Primary Age

They’re going to sleep slightly later, and with less protesting. You’ve got a blissful hour or so to yourself before you fall onto your pillow at 8:45 pm   Then suddenly you remember the email from your child’s teacher about tomorrow afternoon’s concert that requires a homemade farmyard pig costume. Your only progress so far is the pink t-shirt you found in the back of your eldest daughter’s cupboard… so up you get!

5. Teenagers

So now they’ve finally indoctrinated you so you’ve become a permanent early bird/morning person. Just as they’ve decided that sleep and staying in bed is way more appealing than being awake (rightfully so, but all too late…). School starts at 9 am and they’re still fast asleep at 8:45 unless you’re in there with a bucket of cold water to throw over their faces. By the time they reach 16, 17 and 18, they’re keeping you awake by staying out till all hours. You can’t sleep because you’re worried that something may have happened and questioning whether you’ve parented sufficiently enough that they’ll make all the right choices.  teenage sleep

6. Adults

Personally, I’m yet to be a parent of an adult but I am made aware of the fact on a daily basis that my parents are constantly losing sleep over my life choices… New loves, new jobs, break-ups, being fired, divorces, money problems, heartaches… Imagine what goes through your head at night worrying about your babies growing up and having to deal with actual real life…!

Once you’re a mum, you will only ever be as happy and content as your most unhappy child. This pretty much guarantees a life of sleepless, restless, worry-filled nights.

Is it worth it?  Of course it is.

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