Parents have noticed a BIG change in their child’s behaviour during lockdown

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Is your child playing up more than ever before? Or maybe they’re acting withdrawn?

A new survey has found that 60% of parents have noticed huge changes in their little one’s behaviour since the coronavirus pandemic forced us into lockdown.

Some of the most common behavioural traits they’ve spotted include sudden outbursts, extreme irritability, mood changes, sadness and difficulty sleeping.

Many parents have noticed a massive change in their child’s behaviour during the coronavirus pandemic

Parents have noticed a massive change in their child’s behaviour

The Children’s Mental Health Ontario and Addictions and Mental Health Ontario found that 24% of parents believe their children are not coping since the outbreak.

And many are worried about the impact being in isolation will have on their mental health and social skills.

Many parents have noticed a massive change in their child’s behaviour during the coronavirus pandemic

Some experts are now calling for funding to be directed into services such as therapy and counselling.

It’s been recommended that parents try to encourage their kids to spend time doing activities, such as painting or making crafts to take their mind off the situation.

Keeping a routine, eating meals regular and exercising are other useful ways of helping your child deal with sadness in isolation.

What’s more, setting up online playdates so your child can connect with their friends is another way to help pick them up if they are feeling bored and lonely.

Many parents have noticed a massive change in their child’s behaviour during the coronavirus pandemic

According to psychologists, it’s important parents listen to and validate their child’s feelings.

“I think the best thing would be to listen and sympathise,” Elenid Glyn, an educational psychologist tells BBC News.

“Adults feel the need to keep their kids happy all the time, but kids aren’t happy all the time.

“It’s important we don’t rush to say, ‘tut, you’re fine,’ when they’re telling you they’re not. We need to validate their feelings. There’s no right or wrong emotion.”

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