Paula Joye reviews The Healthy Mummy’s SKIN products: ‘Look at the glow’

Paula Joye, editor of The Joye, is a HUGE fan of The Healthy Mummy’s SKIN beauty products.

If anyone knows her beauty products, it’s Paula. She’s an Australian beauty editor who has worked at Vogue and is the former editor of Cleo and Cosmo, and also launched Shop Till You Drop and Madison magazines and was Editor in Chief on both titles.

In fact, the incredible influencer reviewed our Pink Clay Mask and our Revive Facial Oil on her YouTube channel and LOVED them.

Here’s what she had to say….

Pink Clay Mask

“Australian Pink Clay Mask from The Healthy Mummy. This mask I absolutely love. It’s a detoxifier. It’s full of shea butter so it’s going to really help with fine lines,” says Paula.

“It’s got quondam in it, which helps with rosacea and pigmentation. And like all good clay masks, it’s thermally active. So it works with your skin to really draw out impurities.”

And in the vid, after Paula removes the clay, she reveals beautiful glowing skin.

“Look at the glow on my skin, and also how even it is,” Paula gushed in the clip. “You can see the circulation. That’s why I love pink clay masks. They do so much in just 20 minutes. It’s a good one.”

Paula Joye review The Healthy Mummy's SKIN products: 'Look at the glow'

Purchase The Healthy Mummy’s Pink Clay Mask here.

Revive Face Oil

“The other product I want to highlight from The Healthy Mummy Skin range is the Revive Face Oil. Isn’t the packaging lovely? A pale pink,” she says.

“You know I love a facial oil. This one is liquid gold and it looks like liquid gold,” she continues. “It’s got rosemary antioxidant in it, vitamin C and vitamin E. It’s got the first natural alternative to retinol, bakuchiol, which has had fantastic success in treating, in particular, hyper pigmentation. 

“It smells like heaven and I want to put it everywhere, all the time.”

Paula Joye review The Healthy Mummy's SKIN products: 'Look at the glow'

Purchase The Healthy Mummy’s Revive Face Oil here.
Thanks so much for the amazing review, Paula! We’re so pleased you love our SKIN products.

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