‘It kept my wound clean and dry’: Mum on benefits of using PICO machine after C-section

There’s an amazing device helping mums who have just had caesarian sections recover quicker and more comfortably.

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Katie McCracken, who is a Healthy Mummy community member, has just recovered from her 5th caesarian section with the help of the PICO contraption, a palm-sized pressure device that sucks away fluids to keep the wound dry and helps combat infection.

Midwife Bel Moore says: “PICO machines are an expensive piece of medical equipment, so wouldn’t be used routinely in public hospitals. These devices are mostly only used on those who have a increased risk of not healing well post surgery.”

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Source: Supplied by Katie

“I have a BMI of 40+ so healing was set to be more difficult,” she says. “I had never heard of PICO before, but it’s a vacuum dressing, that goes over the fund and you carry a little box with you for 7 days.

“When day seven came around, I was expecting the worse as with my prior c-sections I had my wound uncovered on day 4 and healed nicely with no intervention needed. The nurses were shocked with how well the PICO had worked and how neat my wound was.”

Katie’s scar. Source: Supplied

Katie says she found the tenderness around her wound a lot less sensitive this time around.

“I can lift my mummy pound up to clean the area with ease and not tender and sore,” she says.

“The box was resting on my stomach and I put it in my pocket when I was walking around.”

Speak with you obstetrician or doctor about whether you need a PICO machine or not.

For more information about the PICO machine, click here.

Katie. Source: Supplied

Bel recommends that mums stay hydrated while they are recovering from a c-section. Check out our delicious Hydration Juice recipe here.

Hydrating Blended Juice For Pregnant Mamas

Katie’s top tips for women who are recovering after a c-section:

1. Share your fears and concerns

Always let the medical professionals know your fears and concerns no matter how silly you think they are. They’re there to help you and reassure you.

2. Comfortable clothing is a must!

Really cant stress this one. You are going to want to put undies on ASAP if your anything like me! Make sure everything stretches and your not going to be upset if they get stained. 

3. Don’t push yourself

Ladies we all like to think we can handle anything… PLEASE DON’T PUSH YOURSELF! Make sure you take the pain meds on a regular basis and ask if you want more.

4. Take it at your own pace

“I have had a few mums/friends/ nurses comment how amazed they are that I was up and walking in 6hrs. Big mistake though – I pushed too hard, too quick and ended up in agonising pain. Today is much better and I am walking with little pain.”

5. Everyone recovers differently

“Having a c-section doesn’t mean you’ve failed or taken the easy option. Everyone is going to have an opinion and thats ok. Do what makes you happy. It’s ok to be scared about your up coming surgery.”

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, Katie! We wish you a speedy recovery!

We have a whole heap of information available for mums who have had c-sections, including when it’s safe to resume exercise after a caesarian.

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