Prince Harry and Meghan’s future baby could be called this

Straight off the back of the royal wedding, when Harry and Meghan will fall pregnant is now on peoples mind.

Hey, Prince Harry did say last year in their engagement interview that “hopefully we will start a family in the near future”.

Us too Harry!

See what names are the top front runners below.

royal baby

What will the future royal baby be named?

Even if we have to wait years to hear the names of Meghan and Harrys baby (they’ve only been married a mere couple of months!), this is great for all the pregnant women who are looking for cute names!

Pamela Redmond Satran, co-creator of baby name website Nameberry revealed her top picks for what the couple will name their baby.

For a girl

The first name that comes to mind for a girl of course is Diana, honouring Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana.

“Diana is of course Harry’s mother’s name and the people’s top choice for Meghan and Harry’s daughter,” Pamela told Glamour.

Princess Charlotte’s middle name is actually Diana! Pamela said, “Harry and Meghan could take that one step further by using Diana as a first name.”

“Diana is the name of the Roman goddess of the moon and the hunt. Her Greek equivalent is Artemis, which be an alternative choice,” she added.

Other favourites:

  • Eleanor (English culture)
  • Sophia (American culture)

For a boy

If the couple have a boy, Pamela believes Meghan will choose Alvin, after her grandfather, Alvin Ragland.

“Alvin was an antique dealer who left his house in Los Angeles to Meghan’s mum Doria,” Pamela explained.

Other favourites:

  • James (This was a big player to become Prince Louis’ name)
  • Arthur (Everyone thought Prince Louis would be named Arthur also)

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