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Rachael Hall Has Lost 23kg

Well everyone… I am VERY happy to say that IT IS OFFICAL I have lost 23kg!!! And I owe it all to the The Healthy Mummy team andHealthy Mummy Plans , and their absolutely incredible health and weight loss program!

I still can’t believe how far I can come since beginning this weight loss program and since becoming a motivating mum for November (If you want to become a Motivating Mum email [email protected])

I feel incredibly lucky to have found a weight loss program that has worked so well for me.

Rachael Hall Has Lost 23kg

I am still eating from the 28 day diet and exercise plan almost nightly, and having my 2 healthy mummy smoothies in the day and still after this long loving it, and finding it so very easy to stick to as there is still so much variety –  usually by now with other weight loss diets I would get bored and go back to my old ways, but I have really found with this weight loss program it is defiantly more a lifestyle change than a diet.

As for exercise, I am still walking daily, and doing my “at home” workout and I also do the “healthy mummy exercise DVD” at least 2-3 times a week.

I am honored to be a Motivating Mum and cannot wait to see my weight loss results at the end of another month

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