REVEALED: 20 Of The Most Popular Baby Names In NSW – Can You Guess Which Ones They Are?

The current top 20 most popular baby names for New South Wales has been announced! Drumroll please…

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Popular Names In NSW

It looks like the O’s are in!

Olivia has topped the chart for the most popular girls name in NSW, whereas Oliver has taken out the boys list!

And royal monikers like William and Charlotte both came in second place. Names like Benjamin, Henry, Ava, Ruby and Evelyn have also made it onto the list.

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Meanwhile, Harper as well as Lachlan are featured in the top 20 for the state.

“Names sit around the trend of what is happening with celebrities at the time,” Births, Deaths and Marriages’ registrar Amanda Ianna told ABC.

“Harper is a good example: Victoria and David Beckham, Dave Grohl and Lisa Marie Presley all named their child Harper.”

Meanwhile, Ben Finn of the Births, Deaths and Marriages NSW says parents are now giving their kids informal names like Harry, Archie, Albie and Sonny, which used to be nicknames in the past for Henry, Archibald, Albert and Salvatore.

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Top 20 Most Popular Boys Names in NSW

1. Oliver

2. William

3. Jack

4. Noah

5. Lucas

6. James

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7. Ethan

8. Thomas

9. Alexander

10. Leo

11. Lachlan

12. Liam

13. Jacob

14. Isaac

15. Samuel

16. Harrison

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17. Benjamin

18. Henry

19. Joshua

20. Max

Top 20 Most Popular Girls Names For NSW

1. Olivia

2. Charlotte

3. Amelia

4. Ava

5. Mia

6. Chloe

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7. Emily

8. Grace

9. Isla

10. Ruby

11. Isabella

12. Zoe

13. Sophia

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14. Evie

15. Sophie

16. Ivy

17. Ella

18. Evelyn

19. Harper

20. Sienna

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