Royal birthing protocol Kate Middleton doesn’t follow

Like her late mother-in-law Princess Diana, it seems Kate Middleton often strays away from following the rule book when it comes to royal protocol.

This can be seen in the way the Duchess of Cambridge, who is expecting her third child in April, has taken matters into her own hands when it comes to giving birth and duties involving her children.

We’ve pulled together some ways Kate rejects royal protocol when it comes to birthing and her kids…

How Kate’s approach differs from royal protocol when it comes to birthing

Home birth

Royal babies used to be born in palaces, but these days royal mums prefer to do it in hospitals. The Queen gave birth to Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. However, her daughter Princess Anne gave birth to her children Peter and Zara Phillips at St. Mary’s hospital in London – and Kate’s the same.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte were both born at St. Mary’s Lindo wing, and Kate and Prince William’s third baby is expected to be born at the same hospital.

Announcing the birth

As the head of the royal family, the Queen is expected to be the first person to receive the news. When Prince George was born, Prince William called his grandmother but his birth was announced to the public via Twitter as well as on the traditional easel placed outside Buckingham Palace.

Dads being present at the birth

Prince William has been present at all of his kid’s births. But he isn’t the first royal to attend his children’s births. Prince Philip was at the birth of his son Prince Edward in 1964.

Other protocols Kate and William have broken when it comes to their children:

Travel arrangements

It’s standard procedure for heirs of the British throne to not travel together, but Prince William and his son Prince George (second and third in line) recently travelled by plane during their royal tour together. However, sources reveal Prince William did seek permission from the Queen first.

Local schools for the children

Most royals are expected to be schooled at the palace, but Princess Diana broke this tradition sending her boys to local schools and Kate has done the same, enrolling Prince George at Thomas’s Battersea in London.

Christmas Day

Kate and William often turn down mandatory family functions, like spending Christmas Day at their own home rather than joining the rest of the royals at Sandringham House.

Not as many nannies

Just like Princess Diana, Kate and William do not have a team of nannies and have a more hands-on approach with their children.

As the royal couple are both advocates for mental health, they have revealed they want their children to be open about their feelings.

William has said in the past, “Catherine and I are clear that we want both George and Charlotte to grow up feeling able to talk about their emotions and feelings.”

It seems Kate and Will are leading the next generation of royals away from their stuffy old fashioned ways and making it their own.

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