Salmon, trout, and sardines could help your child fight asthma

A new study conducted by La Trobe University has found that it is possible to manage asthma symptoms through healthy eating, particularly oily fish!

If you’re little one suffers from asthma, you may want to try and incorporate some fatty fish into their meals.

We give you some recipes below and here is how they conducted the trial.

Fish Fingers

Fatty fish linked to asthma reduction

The clinical trial included 64 children aged 5-12 with mild asthma and half of the test group were instructed to consume two fatty fish meals per week (at least 150 grams) a week.

Lead researcher Maria Papamichael said in a statement, “Now we have evidence that it’s possible to manage asthma symptoms through healthy eating.”

The result was after 6 months and discovered that those put on the Mediterranean diet had significantly reduced bronchial inflammation (asthma).

Co-researcher Professor Catherine Itsiopoulos said, “Following a traditional Mediterranean diet that is high in plant-based foods and oily fish could be an easy, safe and effective way to reduce asthma symptoms in children.”

Did you know fish oil during pregnancy may cut baby’s asthma risk? 

Fatty fish recipes for your kids

For more information about asthma (including signs, symptoms and treatment) visit Asthma Australia’s website. Be sure to chat with your doctor if you are worried your child (or youself) suffer from asthma. 

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