Samantha Loses 34kg Of Pregnancy Weight

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Hi Healthy Mummy team, I thought I would send in my post baby health and weight loss results to share with you.

I began on the 28 Day Diet & Exercise plan and the Healthy Mummy smoothies in September after I had my little bub in August.

Over my pregnancy, I put on a huge 36kgs. I did carry a large amount of fluid, however I did eat a lot and I didn’t put any restriction on my cravings. Apple turnovers and McDonalds being my regular treats!

So most of the pregnancy weight gain was from my poor diet.

Before pregnancy my weight was 54kgs. The week before I had my baby I weighed 90kgs!  My mum had to bring new clothes and underwear with her to the hospital as nothing could fit me.

samantha 34kg weight loss

I knew I was extremely big but I didn’t think too much about it in the first couple of weeks especially as I had an emergency c-section and my priorities had shifted to looking after my baby boy, learning to breastfeed and to heal as fast as I could.

When September came around, the thoughts of losing weight started and I thought it was going to be so hard and how could I possibly lose 36kgs!!!

Also, as I was breastfeeding I also wanted to turn my diet around so I was not only being healthy for myself, I was being healthy for my baby.

I googled losing weight after baby and the healthy mummy information came up, straight away I was sold as it was mothers/breastfeeding friendly (a lot of the others are NOT) so I couldn’t wait to receive my Healthy Mummy smoothie powder and start cooking your recipes.

At first I was very strict and followed your 28 day diet plan accordingly….I have never had so many vegetables and healthy food in my life! I felt so great for it also. Soon enough I was on a roll, smoothie or bircher muesli for breakfast followed by a healthy wrap or salad for lunch and protein and veggies (stir fry) for dinner and fruit for snacks!

I like that your program is designed for real mums, who don’t have much time on their hands, your recipes are simple and quick but packed with nutritious food that mothers need to sustain their energy especially when breastfeeding. The smoothies are amazing! I now have berries, bananas and yoghurt everyday because of them.

I had a goal by mid December, my best friend was getting married and I was a bridesmaid. Ideally I wanted to be back to 55kgs but to lose that in 3 months was a bit daunting so I was happy if I was 60kgs by then. I stuck to the plan, incorporating more smoothies in my diet and cooking dinner from your recipe guide.

To my surprise I was 58kgs by the time my best friends wedding came along. I also want people to know, I have not exercised. This is purely from changing my diet. I know exercise is important but my son hasn’t always been the best sleeper so instead of putting too much pressure on myself I wanted to just stick to the diet side of things and once his sleep improves at night then I will get back into exercise. I also continued to breastfeed during this time.

5 months on and I am now 56kgs! 34kgs lost so far. Another two to go and lots of exercise ahead but I am happy to be where I am at right now. Of course over the Christmas and New Year period I did relax but hay I just lost 34kgs! Of course I could 🙂

I’m starting back up into my healthy mode again and just ordered some more smoothie powder 🙂 Next goal is to get as fit and toned as I possibly can through exercise! Will keep you guys posted on that!!!!

Thank you! – Samantha Hastwell

If you are ready to lose weight then The Healthy Mummy plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine that are safe if you are breastfeeding.

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