Scientists have found a way to help kids with ADHD to focus

Children with ADHD may find that are distracted by background noise, making it hard for them to concentrate. However, experts believe this one thing may help block out these distractions or ringing in the ear and help those with ADHD focus.
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Children with ADHD may find they feel easily distracted by noises around them, which can sometimes sound loud or cause ringing in the ear, making it hard for them to concentrate.

However, experts believe the use of white noise being played in the background may help block out these distractions and help those with ADHD to focus.

Scientists have found a way to help kids with ADHD to focus

Experts believe white noise can help children with ADHD focus

A study, which was published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, found that white noise may help children with ADHD pay attention when it comes to a number of activities, including homework.

This study also found that when children with ADHD are exposed to white noise, they perform better on memory tests.

Scientists have found a way to help kids with ADHD to focus

In another study, children with and without ADHD were asked to perform tasks while listening to white noise.

Experts found that ‘‘white noise exposure led to significant improvements for both non-medicated and medicated ADHD children” and ”exposure to white noise resulted in a task improvement that was larger than the one with stimulant medication.’’

What is white noise?

Scientists have found a way to help kids with ADHD to focus

Noise is referred to as white when it has the same intensity at every frequency.

For most people, this noise blends into the background but for those with ADHD, it can mask any auditory distractions.

White noise can be produced by electric fans, television static, a vacuum, washing machine or hairdryer as well as the sound of the wind, water or light rainfall.

Pink noise is a lower frequency to white noise and considered more soothing.

White and pink noise are sometimes both used to help babies fall asleep.

More about ADHD

Youngest Children In Class More Likely To Be Given ADHD Medication

According to Better Health, “Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a particular condition that affects a young child’s behaviour or development (learning).

“Many children with ADHD say they do not understand why they sometimes feel out of control or very lonely. ADHD is not the child’s fault. We do not know exactly what causes ADHD.”

Children with ADHD have these symptoms:

  • Inattention – difficulty concentrating, forgetting instructions, moving from one task to another without completing anything.
  • Impulsivity – talking over the top of others, having a ‘short fuse’, being accident prone.
  • Overactivity – constant restlessness and fidgeting.

If you believe your child may have ADHD or want any more advice on the disorder, we advise you take them to see a GP.

For more information on kids health, click here.

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