Your SECOND son is HARDER to raise, claims a new study

Are you the mamma of two boys? Then you may find your second son is harder to raise than your first.

Researchers at MIT’s Sloan School studied families with two boys in Denmark and Florida.

They found some pretty interesting behavioural differences between the older brother and the younger brother…

Your SECOND son is HARDER to raise, claims a new study

Your second son may be harder to raise, claims a new study

It seems your younger son was born to test you, as experts found that your second child – more likely a son – is going to be a trouble-maker.

In the study, experts found that the second child was 20-40% more likely to be disciplined at school, compared to your first kid.

Your SECOND son is HARDER to raise, claims a new study

Second-born kids don’t get the same attention because there is another child who also needs a lot of attention.

What’s more, first-born kids may get more time with their parents in the first few years of life because younger siblings need more attention.

“The data allow us to examine a range of potential mechanisms, and the evidence rules out differences in health at birth and the quality of schools chosen for children,” read the study notes.

“We do find that parental time investment measured by time out of the labour force is higher for first-borns at ages 2-4, suggesting that the arrival of a second-born child extends early-childhood parental investments for first-borns.”

It may be different for daughters

These findings were based on comparison with first-born boys, so if you have an elder daughter, this likelihood may not be the case.

“Our findings that birth order appears to influence the likelihood of delinquency among boys, and that differences begin to appear early, suggests potentially fruitful avenues for monitoring and interventions,” add the study notes.

“Our findings regarding systematically different dosages of early-childhood parental attention as a plausible mechanism also engender further discussion of parental leave as a long-run social benefit.”

However, remember that every family is different! So, this may not be the same for you.

9 ways parenting your second child differs from your first

Second-born children are the more likely to be ‘troublemakers’, study finds

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