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I wanted to send in my weight loss story after I discovered the Healthy Mummy Smoothies & Plans. I gave birth to my gorgeous daughter in Jan 2011 and I weighed a total of 125 kg.

I didn’t care how much I weighed as I was so in love with being a first time mummy.

krystal 24kg weight loss


A lot of my pregnancy weight was due to having so much fluid in my body. I was massive and totally uncomfortable!

During the couple of weeks after I had my baby I lost 10 kilos. After the fluid finally disappeared – I was left with a lot of weight to lose and I was stuck

I’d exercise for a few months and then give up thinking I couldn’t do it because I was seeing very little progress in my weight loss. I struggled as my weight would plateau so many times it was just frustrating – for 12 months I just couldn’t lose the weight.

In February 2012, My partner sailed to the gulf. He was away for over 6 months. I was home alone with our daughter and was lost at how I would cope without him.

One day I decided to get back into my exercise and be serious with it this time. No more giving up and no more eating junk food to drown my sorrows. It was around June 2012 that I saw the Lose Baby Weight on Facebook.

I read all the reviews from the mums who had lost weight and I ordered one of the healthy mummy smoothies range straight away. I absolutely love them! They are so yummy and filling. I weighed 102 kilos by then.

I started exercising every single day. I walked every morning and I did zumba every night. I ate healthy and I started to feel healthy. It was a fantastic feeling!

I focused on my little girl, getting healthy and losing weight. I had to not only keep busy but also keep my mind busy. In doing this I dealt with My partner being away very well. When he finally returned home the day after my birthday and the day before our anniversary he did not even recognize our daughter and I.

A few days later he proposed! We set a date for October this year and that is keeping me very motivated to be able to fit into my beautiful bridal gown.

I now weigh 78 kg and I feel fantastic!! I enjoy being healthy and I enjoy being me again!

My goal is 70 kilos and I’m just loving my new figure πŸ™‚

Thank you so much for helping me!

Krystal Jones πŸ™‚

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