Doctor reveals how sex can help you beat the common cold

Did you know that regular sex can help prevent you catching the common cold and flu?

Yep, as if we need an excuse to have more of it, Dr. Ravina Bhanot, founder of Zonas Fertility, revealed in a Tik Tok video that ‘getting jiggy’ can reduce the risk of heart attacks and so many other things.

It’s believed lots of sex can lead to higher levels of Immunoglobulin A (IgA), which may offer some protection against disease.

What’s more, the London-based medical professional adds sex can improve sleep, immunity and mental health. Interesting!

There are so many health benefits to having regular sex

Doctor reveals how sex can help you beat the common cold

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7 health benefits of sex

1. Pain relief

In a 1980s study, research found that when they experienced an orgasm, women’s pain tolerance thresholds increased by nearly 75 per cent. So next time you have a headache or cramp, ditch the Panadol and head to the bedroom!

2. Combats stress

When we have sex, happy hormones called endorphins are released so we immediately feel less stressed. Couples who have sex more frequently also have fewer blood-pressure spikes and react to stressful situations in a healthier way.

3. Helps you bond with your partner

sex in the third trimester

When we’re physically intimate with our partner, the love hormone oxytocin is released and that can help increase those romantic feelings between the two of you.

Are you a fan of cuddling post-sex? Well studies have also shown that couples who spend extra time with each other after sex release even more oxytocin and are more satisfied in their relationship.

4. A healthy heart

Whoever said sex isn’t exercise is WRONG! Our heart rate is up when we’re getting busy, so it builds our cardiac stamina and gives the heart a workout, nice!

5. Immune system

Feel the sniffles coming on? Well sex may be the medicine you need!

Researchers gave students questionnaires about their sex lives, then tested them for levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA), an antibody that helps fight off viruses. Those student who had sex once or twice a week had 30 per cent more IgA than those who had less sex.

6. Brain booster

How To Keep Sexy Time Fun When You're Trying To Conceive

Oxford University and Coventry University conducted a study that found that people who have regular sex were more likely to score higher on various mental tests especially when it came to verbal fluency and visual tests.

Next time you have a sexy session with your partner, maybe give a brainteaser puzzle a go!

7. It burns calories

Now this is a workout we can definitely get behind! Ok it may not be much, but a study found that women burn around 69 calories and men burned around 101 calories per session.

Still not convinced to get down and dirty tonight? Check out these 11 reasons why you should have sex tonight!

Here are some things you SHOULDN’T do after sex though!

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THM super greens

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Super Greens can help keep immune system strong

Dr Ross Walker says spirulina is one of the most potent natural stimulants of the immune system.

“Not only does it help fight infections, it also keeps your immune system strong and functioning normally in all situations,” he says.

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