Sibling rivalry in adulthood: 1 in 4 argue over success and being the favourite child

It looks like sibling rivalry NEVER ends!

A new poll has found that a quarter of people say they still clash heads with their brothers and sisters, even as adults!

This competitiveness between siblings usually stems over career goals, owning a home and about who the favourite child is with their parents.

Sibling rivalry: 1 in 4 adults argue over career goals and being the favourite child

Sibling rivalry NEVER ends, new poll reveals brothers and sisters are competitive even in adulthood

2,000 adults took part in the survey by NOW, to launch season three of TV show Succession.

Their research revealed that older siblings tend to be more competitive but also tend to be the most successful. And it seems sisters are more competitive than brothers in most cases.

What’s more, the data found that 15% of people are determined to have a more successful life than their siblings, with 23% of these people actually achieving this goal.

26% confess to maintaining a competitive relationship with their brothers and sister over their career, while 22% fight over being a home owner.

Interestingly, the survey found that siblings tend to argue quite regularly – as much as twice a month on average – over things such as politics, what to watch on TV and who the favourite child in the family is.

Sibling rivalry isn’t always a bad thing

Sibling rivalry: 1 in 4 adults argue over career goals and being the favourite child

17% revealed they felt rivalry at every stage of their lives, and 43% say they believe this rivalry is intensified during Mother’s Day and birthdays, competing to get the best gifts of arrange the best celebrations.

However, a third of those in the poll admit that sibling arguments has led to a period of silence but thankfully, a quarter of those polled see sibling rivalry as a healthy thing.

Nearly two in ten of those say it has actually spurred them on to do better things in life.

Jamie Schwartz, from NOW said: “Sibling rivalry never goes away, with many of us competing with our brothers or sisters long after we have left home.

“It’s great to see this rivalry taken to a whole new level in the best show on TV.”

sibling rivalry

10 areas siblings are competitive in

  1. Career success
  2. House success – who bought their house first, who has the biggest house
  3. Who is the favourite ‘child’
  4. Holiday destinations
  5. Sport success
  6. Cooking skills
  7. Who drives the best car
  8. Who got the best grades at school
  9. Impressing our parents with gifts
  10. Parenting skills

Kids without siblings are NOT more selfish, new research finds

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