The Smartest And Silliest Pregnancy Advice You’ll Ever Get

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When you are pregnant it seems that everyone from your mother-in-law to the local butcher has suddenly become an expert on your pregnancy. They fill your head with sometimes smart and often completely silly advice.

We have asked the lovely mums in The Healthy Mummy community to share some of the pregnancy ‘gems’ they have received and we wanted to share these nuggets of ‘wisdom’ with you.


The Silliest Pregnancy Advice:

1. Scrub your nipples with a dish brush to toughen them up for breastfeeding. OUCH!

2. Don’t eat ice-cream or watermelon as both are too cold for the baby and the baby will literally freeze inside of you.

3. You can’t reach up when you’re pregnant as you’ll rip your placenta.

4. Get a rag and rub your nipples with methylated spirits twice daily to toughen them up. DOUBLE OUCH!

5. Don’t hang washing out! Lifting your hands above your head can strangle your baby.

6. I had placenta previa and a lady told me I should still try to give birth naturally. 

7. Just let him cry, he will fall asleep.

8. You can eat for two now.

9. Not sure if it’s the silliest but I was told I shouldn’t sit down or sleep when my daughters do as the house needs to stay clean. And this was when I was having horrible all-day sickness! 

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The Smartest Pregnancy Advice:

1. Why stand when you can sit and why sit when you can lay down?

2. Pack an empty pump water bottle in your hospital bag. Fill with warm to help ‘wash’ each time you go to the toilet. It is so much more gentle than wiping with toilet paper the first few days after birth.

3. You know your baby better than anyone.

4. It’s called an estimated due date for a reason.

5. Every woman, every baby, every pregnancy is different. Don’t listen to anyone, just enjoy the ride!

6. Take everyone’s advice but only use what feels right for you.

7. Do not drive past 8-and-a-half months. (manual driving and 39 weeks pregnant is not fun due to bubs kicking each time you change gears).

8. Always remember to trust your gut! If something doesn’t seem right, ask for another opinion.

9. Sleep while baby does. 

10. As long as your baby is fed, it really doesn’t matter if it’s formula or breastmilk!

If you are looking for tips and advice on how to maintain a healthy pregnancy join thousands of others mums in The Healthy Mummy Pregnancy Support Group Facebook page or read more of our pregnancy articles here.

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