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If you have a daughter you may want to start styling her food to get her to eat!

Do your kids turn their nose up to the majority of the things you serve them? You will WANT to keep on reading.

New research has shown that it all comes down to the arrangement of the food and it turns out little girls are fussier than boys!

Who knew kids wanted everything laid out to their needs and wants!?

Should We Be Bribing Kids With Dessert Every Night?

Styling food could work!

The new research from the Future Consumer Lab found that the way food is arranged on a plate might make kids more inclined to eat it.

Serving style preferences changed according to GENDER and AGE!

If you have a young daughter, the findings showed that girls aged 7 to 8 preferred ingredients to be DIVIDED. Guess it’s time to start separating those carrots from the sweet potatoes!

playing with food

When it comes to boys, no specific serving style was preferred.

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While older children aged between 12 and 14 prefer either their components be mixed together OR a combination of mixed and separates.

Cat and mouse healthy lunch, fun food art for kids

The result?

Separated food components seems to be the most favourable option!

Did this mum have it right all along? She made mealtime more creative for her kids!

So why are children more inclined to eat when their food is separated!?

Associate Professor Annemarie Olsen from the University of Copenhagen says, “The child can mix the food when the various elements of the food are separated on the plate, while the reverse is not possible.”

So for your kid’s next meal, you may want to make sure to keep everything apart!

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